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The Murder of Hugh H. Siverd, City Constable

Winfield Daily Courier - October 25, 1893

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Capt. H. H. Siverd, Mur-
dered in the Streets of

Winfield in Broad



Morgan Wright, the Son of
Tom Wright, Fires the

Fatal Shot.


The City in Gloom and Sadness
the Murderer and His Ac-

complice Arrested and

Placed in the County Jail


At a quarter past three this afternoon Capt. H. H. Siverd was shot and killed by Morgan Wright, a son of Tom Wright, formerly a resident of this city.
The facts as near as can be learned in the excitement are as follows; Wilber Norton a young man who has been a sort of a boot-leg-whiskey seller, was being arrested by Siverd who is constable of this city, on a warrant sworn out by County Attorney Scott. He was in a vicious mood and resisted the officer, but finally cooled down and went with siverd to the corner of Main and Ninth avenue in front of the Cowley County Bank, where they were met by young Morgan Wright, who had been running with Norton. Wright had his coat on his arm and as he faced Siverd and Norton he said; "You had better let hin go." Norton then said, "Shooth the s--of a b--- -." and sprang away from Siverd, when Wright leveled a forty-five calibre revolver at Siverd and fired. The ball struck a few inches above the heart. Siverd staggered and fell. Wright ran southwest and down the alley with his smoking revolver in hand, followed by a crowd. Norton also ran. In a moment Drs. Emory and Hornaday were at Siverd's side. The blood was gushing from the wound in his breast and it was soon announced that he would not live but a few minutes. Kind and tender hands lifted him up and conveyed him to the editorial roms of the Courier where he died at 4 o'clock.

Wright was followed close by the crowd and was arrested by Marshal Douglass in the joint shop on South Main. Norton ran and hid in the vault back of Osterhout's bakery where he was found and arrested by Assistant Marshal Archie Brown.

As we go to press all that remains mortal of Capt. H. H. Siverd, as true and noble a friend as ever held the breath of life, lies on our office floor. True to his friends, true to his principles, true to his duty, in the full prime of manhood. In the performance of his duty his life goes out. He had faced shot and shell on many a battle field, but the assassin's bullet in the hands of villiany and hate has done its work.

The body will be removed to Axtells undertaking establishment and from there to his home.

The jail is now surrounded by an immenese crowd.

The writer had no better nor truer friend. We loved him as a brother. We feel the cold steel in our heart. But the laws of our state are justice. Our court can be depended upto to do its duty. It is the proper tribunal to avenge his death. Do not supplement one terrible crime with another. Belive and justice will be done.

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