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Jurors, Joints, Bawdy Houses and the City Council

Winfield Daily Courier - November 16, 1893

The following is a list of jurors drawn for the December tern of the district courty.

H. E. Silliman, Winfield; C. D. Soule, Vernon; J. E. Grove, Liberty; C. F. Baxter, Fairview; H. S. Ireton, Ninnescah; B. A. Booten, Bolton; Joseph Disser, Creswell; D. S. Haynes, Maple; Jos. M. Murry, Silverdale; G. R. Dolby, Cedar; A. J. Yarbough, Richland; A. Goff, Creswell; W. N. Perry, Pleasant Valley; Jno. Carlett, Bolton; J. S. Pollock, Pleasant Valley; P. T. Walton, Silver Cree; J. A. Cox, Walnut; C. J. Boyles, Maple; Jas. Burt, Sheridan; C. A. Bower, Winfield; Harim Martin, Ninnescah; D. T. Bayless, Beaver; S. D. Winters, Liberty; J. S. Mann, Winfield; Amos Talis [? Talls], Pleasant Valley; H. Huffman, Walnut; Jas. Fair, Bolton; Geo T. Wright, Beaver; R. Ramsey, Spring Creek; W. N. Julian, Sheridan; S. G. Ford, Creswell; J. T. Henderson, Sheridan; J. T. Ewen, Walnut; Jonathan Davis, Maple; William Hock, Harvey.

The Winfield Daily Courier, Thursday, November 16, 1893.

A Statement.

As there seems to be a misapprehension on the part of many good citizens of Winfield as to the relation the city council bears towards the liquor joints, allow me to say that during the last two years the city council has been and still is in favor of enforcing our laws and ordinances including the prohibitory law. The following resolutions were presented at the regular meeting of the council, October 16, 1893 (see city clerk's book, page 252). The roll was called and every councilman but one present voted in its favor and he did not vote.

No jointist has been permitted to prosecute his nefarious business by consent of the city council, nor has any been exempt from prosecution on account of paying any fine by any authority from the city council.

Respectfully submitted by the President of the City Council.


WHEREAS, It is believed by many of our best citizens that the city council is "winking" at the law by permitting "joints" to do busiess in consideration of a monthyly fine paid into the city treasury.

Resolved, That we as a city council, are emphatically opposed to "joints," bawdy houses, and all other places of immoral and degrading tendencies.

Resolved, That as a city council we favor the faithful enforcement of the prohibitory law as well as other laws for the suppression of vice and the protection of the people.

Resolved, That we instruct the police authorities to use the utmost vigilance in securing evidence against violators of the law and to put forth as earnest an effort in the prosecution of keepers of "joints" and bawdy houses as in the prosecution of other law breakers.

Resolved, That we disclaim having even a tacit understanding with "joint" keepers that in consideration of a fine paid monthly into our city treasury they might be permitted to continue their business each month.

The above resolutions were not published in the COURIER at the time of the meeting on account of the sickness of the local editor and no report of the meeting was made.

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