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Fires and Fire Fighting in Winfield

This is a compilation of pages and images on this web set having to do with fires. There are more, I know, but this is all I could come up with off the top of my head. We need more. Fires had a great deal to do with the development of the town. After the fire of 1880, the building codes were changed for downdown requiring stone or brick buildings. The city water works was in response to fire losses.


Winfiel Volunteer Fire Dept.

Winfiel Volunteer Fire Dept. year unknown

Winfield Volunteer Firemen
Winfield Volunteer Firemen, Band and Baseball, year unknown.



Fire:Albright Building, Dec 14, 1898.

Fire:Albright Building, Dec 14, 1898 Back Side.

After the Fire. Bergevin Drugs, Johnsons 5&10, 905 Main, Jan2, 1940

After the fire at old Read's bank building in 1940. Johnson's 5&10. West side of Main near 9th and Main. (2 doors south)

Burned Stores, Old Read's Bank building, West side Main, 1940

Harter home fire, East 8th

Buildings Which Burned

Central Hotel in 1877

Stage Coach arriving at the Central Hotel in 1877.

Central Hotel
Central Hotel, located on the NE corner of 8th and Main St. 1877.

800 Block East side of Main. This entire block burned with the Central Hotel in 1880 (see articls below)

Winfield Chamber of Commerce
Winfield Chamber of Commerce, Looks like blood drive 1940's ?

YMCA Building later Winfield Chamber of Commerce
YMCA Building later Winfield Chamber of Commerce.

Fire Equipment

1931 LaFrance in Parade

1931 LaFrance in Parade, year unknown
1931 LaFrance in Parade

1931 LaFrance in Parade

Articles About Fires

The Great Fire of May, 1880, The Burning of the Central Hotel and the East side of the 800 Block of Main.

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