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Note from Laura Greene

Subject: Winfield Music Site
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:59:26 -0800
From: "Laura Greene"

Dear Joe, Jack, and Bill,
I am writing to all three of you because I am not sure which of you I should contact. I was thrilled to see the site that reflects the musical history of Winfield, where both my parents grew up. My mother was GENEVIEVE DAVES, (1924-1999), daughter of JOHN and EMMA FLORENCE (SNYDER) DAVES of Winfield. (Their home is now owned by your state senator.) By age 6 she was giving piano and later violin concerts in Winfield, and her study with the Dielmanns prepared her to enter Julliard later on her life (1942), becoming the concert mistress of Julliard's graduate school orchestra while she herself was still in undergraduate school there. It was the wonderful town of Winfield that gave her the foundation to express her unusual talent and passion for music. The town's outpouring of support for her and for music in general left us with the most incredible legacy when we so sadly lost her to cancer last year. She is forever with us through her music, and my father (Dr. Fay Perry Greene), sister, (Sandra), brother (John) and I cannot thank your town enough for what it gave to her. She always spoke so lovingly of Winfield and what it provided for her.

I have so many programs of concerts/recitals given in Winfield during the 1930s-early 1940s, as well as photographs and other such memorabilia that reflect not only her endeavors, but the history of music itself in Winfield. I wondered if anyone there who is interested in Winfield's unusual contribution to the arts would like copies of these. I would be happy to scan or photocopy them if you'd like.


My mother's obituary that will give you some sense of the impact Winfield made on her life, and subsequently ours. I have also attached a couple of photographs of her.

Thank you again for highlighting Winfield's phenomenal support for the arts on the Internet.
Laura Greene
921 Grivetta Court
Carlsbad, CA 92009


Cowley County Historical Society Museum