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Sedgwick vs. Harvey - Bull Wrecks Train - McDonald Builds Railroad to Ft. Scott Mine

Winfield Daily Courier - Thursday, January 14, 1875

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State Gossip

It seems that Sedgwich couny voted bonds to build the southwestern railroad about three years ago. Subsequently part of Sedgwich was haken attached to Harvey county. The Sedgwiick wanted Harvey to pay its proportion of the said bonds. But Harvey refused. Whereupon suit was brought to compel her to pay; which suit has just been decided by the supreme court against Sedgwick county. Now Sedgwick is mad and declares she won't pay anything either.
The Junction City Union says that the Kansas Pacific railroad company has commenced suit against Mr. Peak, of Junction City for $10,000 damages done to their train at the time it killed his bull. Had the bull lived he would probably have been bound over in the sum of $20,000, to answer the charge of maliciously obstructing the track.

It is said that B. P. McDonald, who recently built a ten mile railroad to tap coal beds southeast of Fort Scott, paid out over the counter of his bank $75,000 in cash, on the completion of this work - being the entire cost. The Gulf road is operating the line, paying Mr. McDonald four dollars per carload for all coal he has put on cars; and as he averages from thirty to forty car loads per day it may be said he has a good thing. This shows what pluck and cash can do -- especially cash.

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