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Winfield Daily Courier - November 4, 1893

Harry Lowe Resists Arrest And Tries to Make His Escape.

Constable Wilson Fires Three Shots At Him.

This afternoon at 3:30 p.m., Harry Lowe was sitting in front of the Fuller Block, when he was approached by Constable Wilson, who notified him that he had a warrant for his arrest for "pulling corks" some few weeks ago while in the employ of Chas. Schmidt.

After some talk Lowe turned and ran up the alley towards the Newspaper Union and across Main street into the joint of Frank Manny closely followed by Wilson, who fired several shots at him, none taking effect.

He was arrested by Wilson, Douglass, and Brown, under the bed in the joint. He was taken to Justice Van DeWater's court and his case set for Nov. 16. His bond was fixed at $500.

The Winfield Daily Courier, Saturday, November 4, 1893.

Ancient Order of United Workmen.


Captain Hugh Hicks Siverd, our brother, was struck down by the assassin's bullet on the 25th day of October, 1893. These words are to perpetuate among workmen the memory of one, who true to the instincts of his nature, faithful to the promptings of his conscience, constant in the love of the law, died in the performance of duty.

No country had a truer soldier, no cause a braver champion, no principle a purer victim.

He was one of those choicest spirits, who was ever true to his family, true to his friends, true to his country, true to himself and to his God. He was a man whom venality could not corrupt, nor death terrify. From the cause at his heart, the love of his kind, the curse he had seen, the wrong he had felt, he was taught how to live and taught how to die.

Now, brethren, let his virtues plead for the right, and his sacrifice command our valor to sustain this cause in which he perished. That these thoughts may live, and be known, we will write them in our records, give a copy to the family, and supply the press.

Affectionately submitted in Charity, Hope, and Protection.


C. S. PERRY, Com.

S. J. GUY.

Cowley County Historical Society Museum