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The Siverd Monument

Winfield Daily Courier - November 6, 1893

The committee on arrangements met at the office of P. H. Albright last Saturday night. The following officers were elected:

P. H. Albright, President; J. E. Riley, Secretary; J. E. Jarvis, Treasurer.

The amount to be subscribed and expended in the monument was $1,500.

The place of erection to be at the northeast corner of the courthouse square.

One thousand certificates of subscription are to be divided among the following committees:

FIRST WARD: J. P. Baden, Col. Loomis, James W. O'Connor, W. C. Robinson, J. E. Conklin, Father McKernan.

SECOND WARD: W. P. Hackney, James Lorton, W. T. Madden, J. P. Winton.

THIRD AND FOURTH WARDS: A. B. Arment, J. B. Lynn, Ed. Pate, Rev. J. C. Miller, Prof. J. W. Spindler, J. E. Jarvis, G. H. Buckman, F. E. Riley.

FIFTH WARD: Prof. M. E. Phillips, Sid Cure, Col. Hamilton, Prof. A. Gridley.

W. P. Hackney and Rev. J. C. Miller were appointed a committee to wait on the Woman's Relief Corps and organize a subscription committee.

P. H. Albright and Ed. Pate were instructed to organize committees at Arkansas City.

President and secretary were instructed to prepare the subscription tickets.

Meeting adjourned until Saturday evening, November 11th.

The Winfield Daily Courier, Thursday, November 9, 1893.

Wright and Norton's Preliminary.

The preliminary of Morgan Wright and Wilbur Norton was held before Judge Ingman in the city building today. O. M. Seward appeared for the defense and County Attorney Scott and W. P. Hackney for the State. In the case of Wright there were about thirty witnesses examined. He was committed to jail to await trial in the district court without bail. Norton appeared and waived examination, and was bound over to district court without bail.

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