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Pictures of People and Families of Cowley County, Kansas

The Gallagher Family


from Debi Stokes
This picture of the Gallagher family was taken about 1904 or 1905, after John Gallagher, Minnie's husband died. Minnie is holding her first grandchild, Ruby. Left to right around Minnie are: John Gallagher, Jr. (who lived to be 97 yrs old), Katy, Mary and Charles


Re: [Fwd: Gallagher Family]
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 20:26:35 -0600
"Debi Stokes"


Hi Bill & Mary Ann!

I have no problem with having my Gallagher ancestor's pictures on your website. I visited several pages there the other night. It is Fabulous!! I was getting lost in all the wonderful stories!

I have more pictures....*grin* I have one of Peter Quigley, which Can be cross indexed with newspaper stories. Another is of his mother -in-law, my 3 greats grandmother, Mary Gallagher. I also have a picture taken circa 1890 I'm guessing, of three daughters of Ignatius and Agnes (Inglis) Strecker, who sold their property in the Cherokee strip (in Cowley Co.) to Mary Gallagher mentioned above, in 1879. I found a descendant of Ignatius and Agnes Strecker living up here in the Kansas City, KS. He is their grandson, a retired Archbishop. A curious trip through the Streckers listed in our local telephone directory led me to Ignatius Strecker! The elder Ignatius built the cabin on the property sold to Mary Gallagher, the foundation of which is still there. I brought home a few of the stones.

Here is the picture of Mary Gallagher, I already had this one scanned. The others will follow later.

I see a lot of my Great Grandmother, Katie Gallagher Tyson in thi picture, but in another picture of Minnie Powell Gallagher, there is such a resemblance, many people mistake her for Katie. Can you estimate the year this picture was taken? I would guess it to be around 1875. This photo was taken by I.N. Hobbs, Photographer and Portrait Painter at East Side Main St., Winfield, KS. Mary's husband, John Gallagher, died within a month after the grasshopper plague hit Kansas in 1874. The picture of Peter Quigley is very similar in style, taken in Independence, KS probably prior to his marriage to Mary's daughter, Mary Gallagher, around 1873 or 74. Peter died in March of 1879.

Well, I've babbled on long enough. What a tribute to my ancestors lives, being included on your website!

Now, I'll have to go look!

~Debi Stokes



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